Will you extend the resolutions to include a replacement candidate for each of the board roles?

Yes, we will of course be updating the resolutions to include the candidates and a vision statement. This will come in due course, subject to us reaching a figure of 10% support and then securing candidates for the roles concerned.

Will you consider appointing Matt Cartwright or Kris Bone to the board?

We will not exclude either from the roles, but they would have to contact us and submit their candidacy for the roles. They would be interviewed without prejudice and on a fair and even basis. 

Why are you looking for 10% rather than 5% support?

This is based on feedback from a couple of very experienced contacts who have themselves been through the same process and ousted the board of other companies.

Do you think that the fund raising for Turkey and UK should be blocked at the GM?

No, we do not think that block the current resolutions due at GM should be blocked. Funding is required to support the UK operation and to see through the obligations on the initial drill at Turkey. We would require the new board to provide a cleaner strategy than current board of directors, including detailed funding requirements. 

How will you select a panel to interview candidates?

We will select a panel of 5 people to interview candidates, 3 of these will be existing shareholders who are supportive of this campaign. We will send invitations and solicit applications for appointment to the panel. Candidates will need to show a broad experience in industry with at least 10 years experience of running a company with 5+ employees. The 3 shareholders will be complimented with 2 further panel members who already hold board level roles at an existing AIM company. We cannot divulge the names of the additional 2 panel members at this point.

Is this just about Director behaviours or is there more to it?

It is predominantly about director behaviours. The existing directors have shown no loyalty or respect to shareholders, they are operating with complete autonomy without giving any attention to the shareholders. We firmly believe that a CEO, Chairman and Finance Director should be held to account. We will require that the replacement board deliver quarterly investor relation calls where they will need to answer the top 15 questions from private investors. We will setup a shareholder group that will meet on a regular basis to gather questions and represent shareholders on the investor calls. 

Is my data safe?

All data submitted to us is stored in encrypted AWS cloud storage with dual authentication via Multi-Factor Authentication. Data provided will not be shared with any other organisation.

How will you contact me should this progress?

Should the 10% mark be reached, then we will contact (email) all those supporting the campaign to request sharing of this data with the appointed legal counsel. 

I have some material to support the campaign, can I have this published on the site?

Yes we would love to hear from you and would be very willing to publish additional material. Please contact us using the contact details on the home page. 

How much traffic have you observed on the web-site?

The web-site provided statistics report details that there were 684 Site Sessions from a total of 432 unique IP addresses.