Vote the CEO out!

Are you sick and tired of Stephen Sanderson?

Like many other long term shareholders, I've grown a dislike of the behaviours of Stephen Sanderson. In my opinion he is not upholding the interests of shareholders and is no longer fit to be UKOG CEO or retained in any position within the company.

This site has been launched to garner interest is bring about an EGM to vote on the ousting of Stephen Sanderson as a director. Given his terrible performance in the last 3 years, the board should have acted and a motion to retain his services should have been brought up for voting at the most recent AGM. 

Sick of his misleading and curtailed updates. Sick of the promises. Sick of hearing him talk about trains leaving the station and being able to smell the oil. Well, join the club, get him out and get a more responsible CEO appointed.


Your support counts

I require some basic information from you to support this action. Your name and contact details together with confirmation that you are in support of having the CEO ousted. We will also need to know how many shares you hold in your name. We promise not to share these details with anyone. Data is stored in an encrypted AWS cloud filestore; we can delete your details upon request.

I will publish updates once a week detailing the number of supporters, total count of shares and % of overall shareholding is represented by those supporting this motion. 

Should there be sufficient support to move this forward, then I will appoint legal representation to formalise the matter. Should this happen then your contact details will be passed to the legal representation for follow up. 

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This is an online service only. Should the matter progress, then we will provide formal address details for correspondence. Until then, please use the contact e:Mail address below.

e:Mail only at this point.

Do you want to help?

If you wish to add content to this site, then please contact me using the address above. I would be more than happy to add content to cover the finer details and to document the history of UKOG under the stewardship of Stephen Sanderson.

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